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Still more than 650 million people have no access to safe drinking water. The polluted water causes many life-threatening illnesses, like Diarrhea, Cholera or  Typhus and every year 1,5 million people die from contaminated drinking water.

Photo: Kristin Skibba

For Lars Trappe from Germany this situation was not acceptable and he was thinking, to find a solution. While he was traveling, he recognized that people mostly get their water from rivers, lakes or wells and carry it in jerrycans to their homes. Even if the water source has a good water quality, the jerrycan might be a source of contamination. Why? A jerrycan usually is not easy to clean.

He was also looking for water treatment, sometimes people boiled the water, sometimes they used chemicals to treat the water. But this solutions wasn’t good enough for him, because boiling water needs time and a lot of firewood or charcoal and on the other hand, chemical treated water has not a good taste.

The idea to create a new water treatment system for this target group was born.

Photo: Kristin Skibba