Who we are (EN)


Dipl.-Ing. Lars Trappe and Dipl.-oec. troph. Kristin Skibba founded the company “what a bird” in ¬†October 2017.

The Vision and also the associated Mission is to improve the access to clean drinking water in the world. In Germany, drinking water is subject to government regulations to ensure consumer safety. But in many parts of the world, safe drinking water is still a problem, people get sick or even die from it.

For both of them, “what a bird” is not just an innovative water filter, for them it is a way of life. Expanding their network is very important, because only together we can change the world. The education of water ambassadors in different regions is not only to raise awareness of the brand, but also to provide training on hygiene, water treatment and finally the handling of the “what a bird” to Users.

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-03 at 10.52.37 (13)

Our Water Ambassador Luckson in Malawi

Lasse in Uganda bei Michael Kiyingi Heyse

what a bird in Uganda with Michael Kiyingi Heyse

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