How it works (EN)

The “what a bird” Filter is easy to use. Get a jerrycan with water, put the bird inside, press the head down. While you pump, the water has to pass the filter. This kind of filter is with hollow fibers. The sizes of the pores are 100 Nanometer, bacteria’s are bigger than 100 Nanometer, so they can not pass. We can guarantee a bacteria removing rate of 99,99%. Also turbidity will be removed, only clean drinking water comes out from the spout.

With every pump stroke you purifier around 150 ml, perfect for a glass or a mug.


After a while, the flow rate decreases and the filter should be cleaned. To do this, screw the filter cartridge from the stainless steel tube, then take the supplied backwash syringe and connect it to the filter . Now you can use the syringe to draw water through the filter into the syringe. The clean water in the syringe can now be used for backwashing, so that the blockages in the filter cartridge are loosened and come out on the dirty side of the filter. This procedure can be repeated several times. The filter cartridge is now clean again and the “what a bird” can be reassembled.


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