what a bird

We are at the Viva Tech in Paris.

Visit us at our booth C33-074

15 June 2022 – 17 June 2022


Simple. Clean. Water.

With our Waterfilter you can easily and instantly purify your drinking water.

Just put the “what a bird” in a Jerrycan, pump and enjoy clean drinking water.


  • 99,99% Bacteria and parasite removing rate, for example Cholera, Typhus, E.coli
  • Water becomes chrystal clear, Turbidity will be removed
  • No waiting time for purifying water compared to Gravity Filter
  • High flow rate due to hollow fibre membrane Technology
  • No storage of clean drinking water, it´s a point of use solution
  • Simple Maintenance and longevity
  • No running costs for treating the water, no need for buying chemicals, firewood or charcoal
  • Comfortable tapping, the water will be pumped directly into your mug
Our friend is using the “what a bird” (Kenya, Nairobi, Kibera)